Do you know we always stock ground cassava leaves? We receive organic cassava leaves from our membership farmers in Migori and grind them in Nairobi. Cassava leaves are essential food for people in many countries like Liberia, DRC, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone etc. In fact cassava leaves stew is so delicious !! You can make ground cassava stew with fish flakes, shrimp, beef, or chicken. It will be so good putting a few spoons of peanut powder or peanut butter in it too! 1. You can simply stir-fry onions and tomatoes with oil and salt. Traditionally they use red palm oil, but other cooking oil is ok. 2. You add the defrosted cassava leaves and enough water. You can use coconut milk instead of water. 3. You simmer them with low heat for 40minutes and it will be ready. 4. You can add shrimp, meat or fish if you like. 5. You can finally add add some table spoons of peanut butter for mild taste. I cooked like the above and it was quite delicious! But we don't know recipes for authentic cassava leaves dishes in Mombasa, Western Africa, and some Asian countries! So we are happy if you can tell us your favourite cassava leaves recipe!


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