It's a French-Japanese-Kenyan fusion dish ! 🌟 French - Japanese aspect 🌟 Miso honey mustard chicken! We used chicken marinated with Alphajiri All Purpose Miso Sauce for 24 hours and glazed it with "miso honey mustard" sauce! Fusion of authentic Japanese miso and authentic French mustard! 🌟 Kenyan - Japanese aspect 🌟 Mukimo is a traditional Kenyan cuisine. But ours has a Japanese twist by mixing "OKARA" !! Okara is soybean pulp, the residue after making soy milk. It has abundant fiber so OKARA will solve the problem of constipation 💪😁 [Contents] Miso honey mustard chicken (chicken, miso, honey, mustard, vinegar, Alphajiri's All Purpose Miso Sauce) Okara mukimo (Irish potato, green peas, okara, white onion, milk, butter, salt, cooking oil) Kachumbari (tomato, red onion, dhania, lime, green chili, vinegar, honey


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