Buy this ticket and let's donate Alphajiri farmers' beans to Kenyan schools! We would like to donate cereal products grown by Alphajiri farmers, such as beans, porridge flour, and ugali flour to Kenyan local schools where they suffer to raise enough funds for school meals. We have already supplied foodstuff to Amani Education Centre in Koroghocho slum every month since 2020. They expect us to donate 5 more community schools in the same area, and we eager to expand the activities. At the every end of the month, we donate cereal products for the quantity worth the total donation amount. For example, Amani Education Centre requires 100kg of beans per month for school meals, and 10,000ksh of donation will make it possible to cover all the beans they need. We will also update photos and the official reports online on the amount, quantity, and the contents of donation, list of the schools we donated to, and feedback from the schools. In fact, your donation will support not only school children but also Alphajiri farmers below the poverty line in expanding guaranteed cereal market. Alphajiri has worked with over 600 farmers in Nyanza (Western part of Kenya) since 2016 and offered them various services to uplift their living standard. Majority of products at our retail shops come from the membership farmers. In our farmers' area, cereal farming is indispensable to gurantee their basic income. Cereal farming doesn't require much labor and investment, and many cereal crops are resistant to drought where irrigation scheme is lacking.


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