Miso Gochujang Hot Pot

Miso- Gochujang hotpot is one of the recipes using miso that will never fail you!

Recipe (3 servings)

[Soup base]

Alphajiri Miso 3 tbsp

Alphajiri Gochujang 3tbsp

Kikkoman Soy sauce 2tbsp

Sesame oil, preferably (or other cooking oil)

Garlic 1pc

Ginger 1 small pc

Pork slice or chicken strips 200g (leave it if vegan, but it will be good broth)

Hot water 800ml

[Other Ingredients]

1. Bok Choy 1-2pc, cut

2. Tofu 1/2 to 1pc, cut into cubes

3. Shiitake mushroom 4-5pc, sliced

4. Leek sliced 1-2 stalks, sliced

5.Garlic chives cut into a 3-4 cm, 1 bundle

6.Bean sprouts - 200g

7.Alphajiri Kimchi (any type) 200g

8. Udon noodles 3 bundles (cook 10minutes and keep separately)


A. Pour 2 tbsp oil in a big pot and turn the heat on

B. Toss garlic, ginger, and pork slice or chicken strips. Stir fry them till the meat is well cooked

C. In the same pot, place the ingredients from no. 1 to 7 in order

D. Add 800ml of warm to hot water

E. Pour soy sauce, and melt miso and gochujang

⚠️ Miso and gochujang is difficult to melt, so please be careful. It's easier if you melt them in a cup with little hot water. It will be loose paste, and then you can pour it in the pot.

F. Enjoy with Udon noodles!!