[What is All Purpose Miso Sauce?] It's the most common and traditional mixture for Japanese marination, stir-fry, braising, and glazing. [How to use All Purpose Miso Sauce] Generally, if you want more flavour in your dishes, you can use together with some soy sauce to taste. 1. Meat and fish marination Simply rub the sauce (1-2tbsp for 100g meat is enough), leave it for overnight to 24hours in the fridge. Before cooking it, make sure to remove the sauce because miso is easily burnt. Don't worry, the flavour is already soaked so well deeply into the meat! Grill the meat well and enjoy! 2. Braising Add some water (and some soy sauce to taste ) in All Purpose Miso Sauce and boil the meat. Just commonly, Japanese like to braise fish in the sauce. 3. Stir-Fry Goes well with stir-fries for any kind of vegetables, meat, tofu, fried tofu, and fried noodles. You can add soy sauce, gochujang, or any other flavours or spices as you like! [What's the difference from Miso paste?] Miso is the classic paste to make Japanese miso soup. If you want to make noodle soup, you can add miso paste into chicken broth, coconut milk, soy milk, and more! And with miso, you can be creative to make your own flavour mixing with other pastes - such as gochujang, tahini, mayonnaise, and more. "All Purpose Miso Sauce" is the common mixture to do Japanese style marination, stir-fry, braising, and glazing. In Kenya, it is hard to source the ingredients for the Sauce like sake and mirin. So we already mixed them together in the most classic ratio. [Ingredients] Alphajiri's miso, mirin (rice wine) , sake, sugar [Contents] 200g [Storage] Keep in the refrigerator [Expiry] Recommended to consume in around 6 months


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