Alphajiri Limited opened its first retail shop in Hurlingham, Nairobi, in June 2020.

Established in 2016, as a social business enterprise, Alphajiri has worked with local small scale farmers in Kenya aiming to create social infrastructure of rural African communities. One of our activities for the goal is to offer them stable market for farm produce. We started as a wholesaler of soybeans at the beginning and later expanded to various crops. Then in 2020, we finally opened a retail shop, Alphajiri Greengrocer.

Through the Greengrocer, what values do we offer to our customers?

1. Food Safety
We source farm-fresh vegetables and fruits on daily basis. The growers are mainly our membership farmers and also individual farmers who have built a trust with us. Many of their products are grown purely organically without chemical pesticide and chemical fertiliser. That means we put much emphasis on traceability of our products. We keep improving our procurement system so that every single item is from the grower we mutually trust.

2. Nutritious items for daily use
We also offer many nutritions items that can be easily included in your daily diet - such as quinoa grains, soybean processed products, organic brown rice, and pure natural honey, to name a few. If you are new to the products, the shop attendants will introduce you the usage and delicious recipes.

3. Experience of healthy delicious international dishes
"Healthy office lunch" menu and various dishes prepared at the shop are meant to those who are too busy to cook but wish to always take healthy balanced meals. We establish the recipes based on the health benefits and how we feel them delicious to people, regardless of their nationalities.

Getting back to the story of our rural community services, we have organised small scale farmers in Migori and Homabay County into "Alpha-Chama" groups. Through Alpha-Chamas, we offer educational, loaning, farm training, and contract farming services. The number of the groups are expanding, and we currently have over 500 farmers organised into 40 Alpha-Chamas. The more the number of the groups, the more the quality, traceability, and safety of our products are assured.

We keep endeavouring to offer our valued customers the best products and services. Customers' joy of shopping at Alphajiri will be the biggest energy for rural African communities to progress and shine.

If you would like to know more about the store and our activities, you can watch the Youtube videos below.
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If you would like to know more about our group companies' activities all over the world, check out the below link; (Japanese language Only 日本語のみのウェブサイトとなります)

November 2020
Alphajiri Ltd. CEO Tomoko Yakushigawa