Established in 2016, evolving its corporate philosophy and business model along the way, Alphajiri Limited has been dedicated to combating rural poverty in Africa through the promotion of a rich and nutritious dietary culture.

We believe that access to wholesome food is not only a basic human right but also a cornerstone for sustainable development. By empowering smallholder farmers and communities to cultivate and consume diverse, nutrient-rich crops, such as soybeans and other nutritious farm produce, we aim to improve food security, enhance nutrition, and uplift livelihoods.

Engaging at least 400 smallholder farmers in Migori County, with 250 individually enrolled and 150 in "Alpha-Chama" groups, demonstrates a nuanced understanding of diverse farming structures.This direct approach builds strong connections and aligns with community needs.

Alphajiri's commitment to quality assurance and traceability in product sourcing ensures a reliable supply chain for premium food items, responding to escalating demand.  

In line with this mission, we are actively promoting plant-based fermented umami seasonings and many other diverse food items through e-commerce, our retail store, and distribution channels such as wholesale distributors and supermarkets.

Our greengrocery store opened its doors in June 2020, and our online shop has been in operation since November of the same year. We run the store and this online platform as a place where we can have direct communication with consumers and provide more detailed information about the appeal and usage of our products. Whether you are an individual customer or seeking wholesale options, we would be delighted if you could visit us or get in touch.

If you would like to learn more about the store and our activities, check out our Instagram and Youtube videos;
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Alphajiri Ltd. CEO Tomoko Yakushigawa