Booch is a naturally delicious probiotic tea full of amino acids and vitamins. Kombucha is a cultured tea known for its health benefits. A great soft drink for digestion, detoxing, or as an alternative to juice, soda, or coffee. Drink Booch daily to boost your immunity and feel great! Unpasteurised for maximum health benefits, you may see some sediment in your Booch wich is completely natural. Because we do not pasteurise Booch: * If pregnant of breastfeeding consult your doctor before consuming. * Safe for children over 1 year. Keep refrigerated & enjoy cold


Size: *
  • Passion Baobab (300ml)
  • Strawberry Lemon Ginger (300ml)
  • Blueberry Ginger (300ml)
  • Raspberry Ginger (300ml)
  • Elder Flower (300ml)
  • Mango Chilli (300ml)

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