[How special is the Cocoa Honey Peanut Butter ?] * Honey and peanut butter are the major ingredients, and Alphajiri has been sourcing quality crude honey and groundnuts directly from smallholder farmers in Migori County. * We use organic cocoa powder from the Mountains of the Moon, Ugandan company. They process cacao into cocoa powder by non-alkalised method. Unlike alkalised method, it does not require any chemicals and retains the whole nutrients of cacao. * We use stevia as a sweetener, a natural intensive sweetener extracted from stevia plants. It does not affect increase in blood sugar level, so it's highly recommended for those who want to reduce intake of sugar in a healthy way. * To realise both sweetness and health, we blended honey, stevia, and sugar in the best balance. As a result, we succeeded in cutting 80% of sugar quantity while maintaining the same sweetness. [Ingredients] Groundnuts, wildflower honey, cocoa powder, sugar, stevia [Contents] 210g, 400g [Storage] Stored in a cool dry place [Expiry] Consume in around 6 months from the manufacturing date


Quantity: *
  • 250g
  • 400g
  • 30g
Packaging: *
  • Plastic Jar
  • Glass Jar

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