Contents in a decorated basket (Basket will be covered with a clear film); Apples 3pc Sweet bananas 5pc Imported Oranges 2pc Grape fruit 1pc Mango 1pc Grape 1pc Kiwi 1pc Blueberry 1pkt Alphajiri Farmers' Hundred Flower Honey 350g 1 jar Alphajiri Farmers' Peanut butter 400g 1 jar Alphajiri Farmers' Cocoa Honey Peanut Butter 210g 1 jar Dates 200g 1 pkt Mixed nuts 170g 1 pkt Granola 1 pkt Pineapple 1pc We are always flexible to replace some items to others or add more items upon your request! NB: The content is subject to change a bit depending on the season and availability of stock.


Ribbon Color: *
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Blue Ribbon
  • Red&Yellow Ribbon

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