Only within December, it will be packed in a special Christmas bag and even much discounted! (You cannot choose the bag's color) Send somebody this gift hamper for vitamin rich breakfast! Maybe for somebody recuperating at home or hospital? Contents in a decorated basket (Basket will be covered with a clear film); 1. Alphajiri Hundred Flower Honey 350g 1 jar 2. Alphajiri Peanut Butter 400g 1 jar 3. Alphajiri Cocoa Honey Peanut Butter 210g 1 jar 4. Mixed nuts 170g 1 jar 5. Dates 200g 1 pkt 6. Cow milk (long life) 500ml 1 pkt 7. Asili Cereals Ltd. Granola 400g 1pkt 8. Kiwi 1pc 9. Blueberries 1pkt 10. Grape 1pkt 11. Grape Fruit 1pc 12. Local pineapple 1pc 13. Imported oranges 3pc 14. Mango 1pc 15. Apples 3pc 16. Sweet Bananas 5pc We are always flexible to replace some items to others or add more items upon your request! NB: The content is subject to change a bit depending on the season and availability of stock.

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