[Products] Baobab is an organic superfoods contains 5 times more Vitamin C than Oranges and Lemons. It is also high in Calcium, Vitamin B6 and B3, Iron, Potassium, and other minerals. This Baobab powder is Grade A, 100% African, and 100% Organic. It is Processed in Kilifi, Kenya using traditional tools (ie.Kinu) [Super Foods Africa] Superfoods Africa is a Kenyan based brand dedicated to making quality superfoods accessible to everyone. They aim to promote healthier living, sustainable agriculture and to uplift the communities that grow superfoods. The source of their products directly from farmers and leverage on traditional tools to create value for African communities. [Ingredients] Citrus Burst / Butterscotch & Toffee Organic Baobab Fruit Organic Baobab Fruit Powder Organic sugar & Organic Flavour [Contents] 125g


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