[What is Kimchi and how does it taste like?] Kimchi is Korean origin fermented pickles and nowadays eaten worldwide as a delicious and healthy food. With Alphajiri's kimchi, you will have savoury, spicy, and sweet experience. Kenyan customers evaluate our kimchi "Kachumbari Imeomoka" (Advanced kachumbari) ! The sweetness comes from apples and honey, so it's quite healthy for you. [How do you recommend eating kimchi?] ● Side dish / salad - goes well with avocado 🥑, and also cucumber 🥒😉 ● Fried rice ● Stir-fry - Pork and kimchi are the best match. If you are vegan, let's try stir-fry with tofu and bean sprouts! ● Hotpot / soup - hotpot with miso and gochujang soup is our recommendation! ● Sandwich / burrito - many customers response that kimchi and cheese 🧀 are the perfect match in bread or chapati ! [Some Health benefits] ● Skin Health - Kimchi's vegetables are raw and water drained. Therefore you can take a lot of Vitamin B, C, and minerals that are important for skin health but normally destroyed when cooked. ● Intestinal Conditions - Kimchi contains numerous lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus). Those bacteria are very important to improve intestinal conditions. Continuing eating kimchi like 50-60g every day is effective to actually feel the effects. [Ingredients] Chinese cabbage, White radish, Carrot, White onion, Garlic chive, Garlic, Ginger, Kelp, Apple, Honey, Fish sauce, Corn flour, Korean Chilli pepper, Salt [Contents] 380g, 650g, 1kg [Storage] Always keep in the fridge or freezer [Expiry] For the best taste, finish within 21 days. It's fermented food without preservatives, so fermentation continues in the fridge. From the 4th week of the manufacture date, you might find it carbonated and more sour, but it's a natural phenomenon. If you want to stop fermentation, it's recommended to freeze it till you eat.


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  • S (380g)
  • M (650g)
  • L (1kg)
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  • Plastic Jar
  • Glass Jar

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