[What is Kimchi and how does it taste like?] Kimchi is a Korean origin fermented pickles and nowadays eaten worldwide as a delicious and healthy food. "Water kimchi" is also traditional Korean kimchi but non spicy type. [How do you recommend eating kimchi?] This type of kimchi is commonly eaten raw as a side dish or salad. But since the liquid is so delicious and healthy, we recommend you to take the liquid with the pickles together, or use the liquid as soup stock! [Some Health benefits] ● Skin Health - Kimchi's vegetables are raw and water drained. Therefore you can take a lot of Vitamin B, C, and minerals that are important for skin health but normally destroyed when cooked. ● Intestinal Conditions - Kimchi contains numerous lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus). Those bacteria are very important to improve intestinal conditions. Continuing eating kimchi like 50-60g every day is effective to actually feel the effects. [Ingredients] Chinese cabbage, radish, carrot, cucumber, red / yellow capsicum Extract: apple, spring onion, white onion, garlic, ginger, dried shrimp, corn flour, salt [Contents] 1kg [Storage] Always keep it in the fridge [Expiry] Generally in 2 weeks and try to consume earlier once opened. You can still enjoy it after 2 weeks, but kimchi water's fermentation is much faster than other types of kimchi. Therefore, from the 3rd week, you might see the veggies quite soft. However, the liquid is still good for a few months in the fridge. It gets carbonated as fermented more, but there is no problem in quality.


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  • 650g
  • 1kg

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