Look at the tantalising and voluminous dish with a gentle flavour and “umami” coming from Alphajiri's Miso! Mix the slow simmered beef sauce, the shredded cabbage, and the steamed Japanese rice in your mouth and you’ll find how irresistible they are! [Meat & Veggie Sauce] Beef mince Tomato White onion Carrots Miso Soy sauce Mirin (Rice wine) Garlic Ginger Salt Black pepper [Other] Semi cooked shredded cabbage Steamed Koshihikari rice


Options (Miso soup): *
  • Dish only
  • + Miso soup (white)
  • + Miso soup (brown)
  • + Miso soup (white, vegan)
  • + Miso soup (brown, vegan)

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