Do you know what tofu is? Do you know what tofu skin is? Tofu is an essential food for Asian people especially Japanese, Chinese and Korean. They are made from soybeans, which are rich in protein, various vitamins and minerals, and no cholesterol. It might be true or not, but it is said that Japanese have the longest life-span in the wold because they every day eat some food made from soybeans. What's more, the ingredients soybeans are all from Alphajiri's membership farmers in Migori! Our company started from soybeans farming with small scale farmers in Migori County...! And Interestingly, our loyal Indian customer shared me a photo of her cooking with tofu skin! She cut the skin thinly and cooked as noodles! I also tried and so yummy! You should try the same as well! She cooks like the following; Sauce: Mix Thai sweet chilli, vinegar, salt, pepper, soya sauce Ingredients for the noodles: garlic, onion, sesame seeds, veges of your choice and cashewnuts, then stir fry all of them, add thinly cut tofu skin and sauce.


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