Did you know sake x cheese and sake x sausage are amazing matches? Also, try this; Mix miso and curry powder. Rub the paste on sausages and barbecue them, or eat them with the paste. So delicious! Discover new wonderful tastes ;) [Contents] * Brown's or Lekker's cheese of your choice 250g * 2pc * Talio Food's German sausages of your choice 500g * 2pkt * Miso (370g) * 1pc * Curry powder * 1 pc * Garlicky! Gingerly! Gochujang Sauce (220g) * 1pc * Gochujang paste (185g) * 1pc * [Optional] Sake draft (300ml) * 1 bottle * Beautiful Christmas bag


Options: *
  • With Sake
  • Without Sake

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