So many recommendation points about this dish! ✔️Brown rice - lower GI, richer vitamins and minerals than white rice ✔️ kimchi - probiotic fermented food, vitamin rich raw vegetables ✔️Fried tofu - 100% Alphajiri farmers' ingredients. rich in protein, isoflavone, fibre ✔️No usage of meat, egg, fish, honey, extract of those kinds ✔️kimchi sweetener is boiled natural sugarcane juice. Rich in mineral and vitamins. Try it out and enjoy! Ingredients - Brown rice - Kimchi (Vegetarian Type) - Fried tofu - Garlic chive - Leek - Sesame oil - Cooking Oil - Soy Sauce - Salt


Options (Miso soup): *
  • Dish only
  • + Miso soup (white)
  • + Miso soup (brown)
  • + Miso soup (white, vegan)
  • + Miso soup (brown, vegan)

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