Alphajiri Limited was established in 2016 and since then, over 500 farmers have joined us as its membership in Migori and Homabay County. Among them, several farmers blessed with abundant flowers and a water source keep bees. We call our honey "Hundred Flower Honey"🍯🐝 because their beehives are in the environment filled with various types of flowers in bloom, and the bees collect pollens from all the flowers. Especially eucalyptus globulus , banana trees, wild marigold and sweet potato flowers are commonly found. Because of the mild flavor unlike one flower honey, this honey is perfect as a hidden flavor and sweetener for any dishes, lemonade, dressings and tea.

KSh499 KSh520

Quantity: *
  • 350g
  • 600g
  • 30g
  • 1kg (unrefined, plastic jar)
  • 1kg (refined, plastic jar)

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