YOU MUST BE SURPRISED how delicious it is, so please don't miss it! The chicken is marinaded with our original "All Purpose Miso Sauce." Miso is probiotics. So as marinaded for 24 hours, the rich flavour penetrates deeper into all over the meat. You can also try the same recipe at home with our "All Purpose Miso Sauce." For the detailed recipe, refer to the link "Recipe fo Miso Chicken Marinade" below !


Meat Kind: *
  • Miso Chicken
  • Miso Garlic Chicken
  • Miso Chicken Tikka
  • Miso Lemon Herb Chicken
Options (Miso soup): *
  • Dish only
  • + Miso soup (white)
  • + Miso soup (brown)
  • + Miso soup (white, vegan)
  • + Miso soup (brown, vegan)

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