Simple handmade tomato sauce! It's called "tomato pasta sauce" but it's actually multi-purpose! Our sauce is made simply from tomato, celery, garlic, little salt, thyme, and black pepper. In the manufacturing process, we strain excessive residue such as tomato seeds and peel to emphasize the natural sourness of tomato 🍅 We boiled down the mixture to half, so we can say it's double concentrated. It's neither too watery nor too thick, so after you stir-fry veggies and meat, please just pour the tomato sauce. If you boil it like some minutes, it will be pasta sauce. Or if you add some water and consommé, and you boil it like some minutes, it will be tomato soup. If you want to make the sourness milder, add little honey or sugar. [Ingredients] Tomato Celery Garlic Thyme Salt Black pepper


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