Strawberry Jam boiled down with natural sugarcane juice ✨ Strawberries are from an organic farmer in Ol Kalou. Sugarcane is from Alphajiri farmers in Migori county. (When in season, lemon will also be from our farmers 😊) We squeeze sugarcane juice at the shop and boiled down for 2.5 hours😮 And another 1.5 hours of boiling sugarcane juice with strawberries and some lemon juice. We wanted to produce this cane sugar based jam not only to create market for farmers, but also to provide customers with more delicious products free from refined sugar. Why is cane sugar better than refined sugar? 1. Cane sugar contains a lot of minerals and vitamins while refined sugar has lost almost all of them in the refining process. 2. Cane sugar is better option than refined sugar to prevent high blood pressure. (Low GI) 3. Cane sugar also helps you improve skin health, control weight, and improve blood circulation.


Quantity: *
  • 230g
  • 470g

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