[How are they made?] The Kenyan plums are carefully picked at their ripest. Then they are preserved in salt (15%) and a bit of citric acid till they ooze distinct ruby hue liquid and an added depth of flavor. The honey salted version is pickled with salt (14%) and honey (10%). The ruby color of our umeboshi 100% comes from the plums, a healthful choice for adding zest to your meals. [How do you use it?] Umeboshi offer a unique and intense flavor—combining sourness, extreme saltiness, and a hint of sweetness❣️ Versatile in use, they can be mashed into rice balls, blended into salad dressings and sauce, or used as a tangy dipping sauce😋 Their bold taste also complements pickled vegetables, enhances rice and noodle broths, and adds flair to inventive dishes like umeboshi butter, umeboshi pasta, or ice cream 🤩 [Caution!] Salted pickled plums are very salty in nature. So please do not imagine to eat it alone. If you don't like extreme saltiness, try honey salted plums which can be eaten alone as a snack. Basically both types of the umeboshi are chopped small and mixed into other ingredients or eaten as a side dish of unsalted thing. [Contents] Salted Pickled Plums -Kenyan local plums, salt (15%), citric acid (2%) Honey Salted Pickled Plums - Kenyan local plums, salt (14%), Honey (10%)


Size: *
  • Salted 260g
  • Salted 420g
  • Honey Salted 260g
  • Honey Salted 420g

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