Healthy Chips Masala (Vegan Fish Fingers)

These fried tempeh sticks can be called either vegan fish fingers, or healthy chips masala!

Tempeh is Indonesian fermented soybeans. It's probiotic and rich in proteins. All Purpose Gochujang Sauce is also probiotic containing miso, fermented soybean paste. 

Tempeh is soft and tastes like steamed chestnuts, or if it's difficult to imagine chestnut taste, then it's similar to softly cooked fish fillet. Once you find the best ways to cook, you will easily love tempeh. 

So this recipe is one of the most recommended to love it!

[Ingredients] (2-3 servings)
- Tempeh (defrosted) 1block
- wheat flour 2tbsp
- Alphajiri curry powder 2tbsp
- Salt 2tsp
- Cooking oil
- Alphajiri All Purpose Gochujang Sauce for dipping

1. Mix wheat flour, curry powder, and salt
2. Cut tempeh
3. Coat them with the mixed powder
4. Shallow-fry the tempeh
5. Remove them once they turn brown and crunchy
6. Enjoy with tar tar sauce as vegan fish fingers,
Or with All Purpose Gochujang Sauce as healthy chips masala!