Healthy & Hearty Miso Ramen Bowl

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1. Ground pork (150-200g) (If you are vegetarian, just omit it, but if you like pork, you will be amazed how pork produces )
2. Cut Bok Choy (2 pc)
3. Sliced carrot (1pc)
4. Cut spring onions (4-5 stalks) or leek (1pc)
5. Sliced tofu meat (6-8slices)
6. Bean sprouts (200g)
7. Ramen noodles 2 bundles (or Indomie 2 packets)

Ingredients for Soup
1. Alphajiri Miso (3tbsp, or 54g)
2. Chicken bouillon cube (1/2pc, or 5g) (Or veg bouillon cube instead)
3. Ground roasted sesame (2tbsp)
4. Grated or chopped ginger (1tsp, or 5g)
5. Grated or chopped garlic (1pc)
6. Water (600ml)

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[Soup and topping preparation]
1. Tun on fire and pour 2tbsp cooking oil in a pot
2. Toss ground pork and cook it well
3. Add carrot and bok choy, and cook them
4. Add spring onion
5. Add 600ml Water
6. Let it boil
7. Once it starts to boil, add miso and melt it well
8. Add bouillon cube, ground sesame, ginger, and garlic
9. Stop heat

[Bean sprouts preparation]
1. In boiling water in another pot. Boil bean sprouts for 30 sec and drain it well.
Or, you microwave bean sprouts (covered with a cling film) for 30 sec.

[Cook noodles]
1. Prepare another pot and boil water. Put ramen noodles and cook for 4 min.
2. Remove water and drain the noodles well.

[Let's serve!]
1. In a bowl, place well drained ramen noodles.
2. Pour soup first, and top with vegetables.
3. Add bean sprouts and tofu meat too.

Let's enjoy while it's hot!

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